CityCamp Coventry

How can we use the web to help make Coventry an even better place to live?



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    Community Orchard

    Develop a virtual local community orchard as a blue print for a network of virtual city orchards across the Coventry - followed by a series of the real things!

    Expand wifi coverage into communities

    Install wifi in all Libraries and create online infrastructure for communities

    Match Space

    Matching people (mostly artists?) who need space with people who have it.

    Information Service

    Knowledge is all. Helping the digitally excluded remain socially included!

    community payback visibility

    a free and simple smartphone app that solves multiple problems in one fell swoop

    Library - right time for me

    Interactive Library activities - rhymetimes, author visits, ICT support classes in the library are captured using ICT and re formatted so that people can access them from smart phones, digital TV and also that they are interactive so people can join in from where ever they are - at home or in the park.

    School Admissions Helper

    Encouraging parents to make smart school choices with education data

    Digital inclusion buddy scheme

    A buddy scheme to help people to get online to get the most out of the web.

    Coventry Car Free Days,...!!

    My idea for a greater City,…a City Centre car free day, .like the City of Ghent, also more cycle lanes,..cleaner air, safer streets, people wander with freedom and its quieter,.. They do this in Ghent 4 times per year,…tourist numbers also go up when they have these,…!!

    The Amazings

    Traditional skills taught by people with a lifetime's experience.

    Geeky Garden

    Enable local schoolchildren and gardening enthusiasts to explore the use of new technology for growing vegetables in a modern geeky garden.

    Contact Request

    Direct on-line access to advice with a 24-hour turnaround on any issue, anytime.

    We Will Gather

    Start an action in your community, and find people to help complete it.

    Clockface Cycling route map and network

    Use history of cycle pioneering and watchmaking to develop a "clockface" network


    Harness social media photos to give official websites a makeover.

    Events Calendar

    One Calendar to rule them all, One Calendar to find them,...

    Coventry Greeters

    Greeters are volunteer guides who welcome and show visitors around their city.

    Plant More Trees

    Trees are good for everyone !

    Improving City Centre Attendance

    Encouraging economic growth & city centre attendance with a clear parking scheme

    Coventry Cultural Cross Marketing

    We need to work more efficiently at sharing Coventry's rich cultural offer.

    Savings viral marketing campaign

    A viral marketing campaign about savings, credit unions and budgeting.

    Built environment issue map

    A Coventry map locating issues with the built environment


    An interactive digital arts festival in Coventry, sited in empty shops.

    Coventry Ring Road website & app

    A simple tool to help you navigate the ring road.

    Coventry Life

    Keeping you moving in Coventry with your Smartphone Guide and discover as you go

    Financial Information Support Service

    Parents and students using online resources to become financially included.

    QR here!

    Dot QR codes about the city:Join them to a central site:Picture people exploring

    Help the web and the web will help you

    By providing more 'Open Data', Coventry can reap the benefits of an open web.

    Coventry Changes

    Theres quite often a lot going on around you, you just don't know it yet!

    The Coventry App

    The app that tells you everything about what's happening and when in Coventry.

    Coventry live!

    Live streaming in the city displaying local events, stories, vacant jobs & more!

    QR Codes

    Use volunteers, unemployed people and homeless people to wear t-shirts with QR codes on that say "scan me" the codes will take people to coventry information websites. The tea shirt wearers could be rewarded for each scan they achieve.


    Make Coventry a Wikipedia city.

    From Daughters to Mothers

    A platform for Teenage mothers to network with Mature Mothers in parenting.

    <PROp>/a/g8 (Propagate)

    <PROp>/a/g8 is a concept of a digital media resource for skills sharing.

    Shopping Hotspots

    Smart phone app that works with GPS, unlocks info and vouchers about the area you are in

    Mindapples: 5-a-day for your mind

    Using web and mobile to find out what Coventry people need to be mentally well.

    Have skype boxes

    Just an idea. Instead of internet phone boxes or cafe's, why not have somewhere that people can skype friends. Eg phone type booths with camera and computer. Pay £1 for x minutes. Could be situated in shops/ library where they are less likely to be damaged

    James Bond

    I would like to create a website about the 50 years of James Bond.

    Ultimate Gamers Paradise

    Create a great place the youth can go to fulfill their entire gaming needs.

    VIB Nights

    Invite Very Important Bloggers/influencial Social Media users to press calls.


    An incentivised peer-reviewed skills exchange

    One plus One equals Few

    300k people live in this city, but only a small group ever seem to do anything.

Part of the CityCamp unconference series, CityCamp Coventry will bring together innovative minds from local government, and the technology, education, business, and community fields to rethink how we can improve the city of Coventry.

A two day event, the unconference takes you through the ideal development process to come up with ideas that will change your city. Day one will feature talks by people doing brilliant things with technology and in their communities to make a difference, and day two gives attendees control, as open discussions are formed around the issues and areas that concern people the most and shortlisted ideas are developed, prototyped and finally pitched to a panel of judges. The winning idea(s) will receive bespoke support and access to resources which will help take them from rapid prototype into a fully fledged project.

This challenge page is dedicated to that final day - although the ideas and preparation can happen well before you step foot into CityCamp Coventry. Post your ideas that use tech to make Coventry a better place from 26 September all the way through to the last day of the event. Get other attendees to ‘like’ or comment on your idea to get the conversation started early. By submitting your ideas early, we can also work to make sure that people relevant to your idea are able to attend the event itself.

While the ideas can be about anything that can improve Coventry, this year we are taking a particular interest in these themes:

  • Democracy

  • Young People

  • Job Growth

  • The City Centre

So whether it's an idea to help young people build up soft skills, a pop-up shop in the centre of town, a brilliant business that will make jobs boom or a new way of getting the community involved in local decision making (or anything in between), get those ideas in soon!

If you want to find out more about the event itself, including the proposed schedule for the weekend, check out